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AUDIO: Is Gun Violence Contagious? | Sputnik News

Scientists have found that killing sprees and school shootings in the United States may inspire others to commit similar acts of violence for an average of 13 days after the initial tragedy.

Researchers from Arizona State University conducted a study, titled “Contagion in Mass Killings and School Shootings”, applying a mathematical “contagion model” to the data. They also believe national media coverage of a mass shooting may play a role in the spread.

On this edition of Looking Forward, the co-hosts Svetlana Ekimenko and Victor Erofeyev are joined by Jonathan Metzl, Professor of sociology and psychiatry and the Director of the Center for Medicine, Health and Society at Vanderbilt University (US), to discuss whether it is possible to disrupt the transmission of violence.

Originally Posted on Sputnik News.


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